Radical surgical correction in a man of 59 years, with glandular gynecomastia secondary to immunosupressors used in preventive treatment After renal transplantation. 430 G removed on left breast  and 480 g on right. The technique was periareolar, or benelli´s round-block, leaving only a single scar around the areolae

Radical surgical lipoaspiration in a man of 37 years, with fatty gynecomastia 550 g aspirated from  left breast  and 625 g from right one. The incision was done at the armpit area, leaving a scar barely noticeable

Markings performed in cases of glandular resection of gynecomastia in males, using benelli’s peri-areolar technique, or round-block, to leave a single scar around both areolae.

Male compression Vest, Elastic garment, premium quality, to be used after gynecomastia resection surgery, for at least 21 days, continuously. Usually the patient gets it at