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It is important that you read and re-read this page before you consider undergoing this surgery.

Breast implant surgery or breast augmentation is one of the most rewarding surgeries to a for a woman. self-esteem, and is one that It elicits great joy as she awakens from this operation. Usually this surgery is highly desired and expected, and it is logical, since the mammary gland is virtually the most visible representative organ of woman’s femininity and enhances a woman’s self-esteem.

If you are considering this surgery, you probably have felt for some time that your female endowments are inadequate. Maybe you use an A cup or you fail to full fit into a B. In other cases, women with B or C bra cups just want to have larger breasts. Whatever, your reason this surgery provides the means to increase a woman’s self-esteem.

We usually recommend silicone gel breast implants. These have been tested over time and proved to be the best type of material for this surgery. If you have any concerns about the use of silicone, please check  ( for more information on the safety of silicone gel breast implants. In the most comprehensive study, conducted by the Institute of Medicine on the Safety of Silicone Breast Implants, it has been shown that there is no evidence that implants are associated with serious diseases or that they weaken the immune system.

Silicone gels now have more  sophisticated improvements that bring you even more security. This has been demonstrated by current manufacturers’  when a gel implant was sliced in two – it is simply cut in half and looked like two fresh jelly halves. In other words: no spill occurs. In general, silicone is safe.

The surgery takes just under two hours and is done under general anesthesia or under high epidural block which provides easier recovery. A small incision is made in the fold beneath each breast and the implants are inserted through these. The incisions are closed with self-absorbing stitches.

After your surgery, you will leave with a bandage, a bandeau or a special bra that needs to be ordered prior to your surgery. Click ( ) You should not take off you bra, except for bathing, which is allowed on the fourth day after your operation, following your first post-operative visit. You can go without bra after three weeks.

If you have relatives in town of if you’ve checked in a local hotel, you will be discharged the same evening at 5 pm. If you live in the US, you’ll stay overnight in the clinic to be discharged the next morning. Please click To my patients that live outside of Tijuana for more information.You may require assistance in the first week after surgery.

I will demonstrate mobilization of your implants as early as possible. This will help to create a larger cavity for your implants and to prevent a hard capsule forming around them. Mobilization should continue for six months.

You can drive your car from day 10 onwards, if your recovery is adequate, but for short  periods.

You will be seen for a second post-operative follow-up after 15 days. You can generally return to all normal physical activities, inluding sports, after 30 days.

Below are some important pointers regarding “before and after” a breast augmentation:

1. Order a compression garment that you should use for 21 days after the operation. In the office we will give you more information on how to select a good one. Bring this bra to the hospital when you check in.
2. Do not take aspirin or aspirin products for 2 to 3 weeks prior to surgery. (Click Non recommended Medicines for more information.)
3. For three consecutive nights before surgery wash the entire chest, and as far as you can reach towards the back, with Isodine foam (Betadine in the US) shampoo. Your pharmacist may suggest an alternative product if you are unable to find it.
4. Do not eat  food for 8 hours before your operation.
5. For your own convenience, bring loose comfortable clothes with zippers or buttons.

1. Go directly home and remain at rest for 24 to 48 hours. You should be resting with pillows under your knees and have your back elevated to a semi-sitting position.
2. You may get up to use the toilet and for  meals only.
3. The first day at home you should take sips of fluids, gradually increasing to a soft diet. If you do not have nausea, you can eat normally.
4. Try to avoid sudden movements. Don’t elevate your arms to prevent forming a hematoma. Take care not to  get up suddenly or to stretch completely during the first week.
5. From the first day you should do leg exercises to avoid problems with your veins and perform implant mobilization exercises, 2 to 3 times daily, to prevent a hard capsule from forming around the implants.
6. Do not take aspirin or aspirin derivatives  after your operation. Also check Non recommended Medicines for details on other drugs. Do not use alcohol while you are taking medications.
7. Refrain from sexual activity during the first 3 to 4 weeks to prevent internal bleeding, infection or re-opening the wounds.
8. Avoid  any strenuous activity for a minimum of two weeks. Lifting heavy weights, carrying your baby or reaching for very high items could result in serious scarring problems, inflammation, bleeding or re-opening the wounds.

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Any questions before and after your surgery may be answered in person by calling the office, 684-2551  (US: 619-730-1917) or my cell 664-283-0976 or click Contact us for more information.

I wish you an excellent experience in Plastic Surgery and a speedy recovery.