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It is important that you read and re-read this page before you definitely consider this surgery. With pleasure we can answer any doubt on any point that might have not been clear.

Nose cosmetic surgery is one of the most spectacular and beautiful operations because of the emotion produced when you see the changes in your nose, usually been desired for years. This is one of the most emotional changes in a person, because the nose is the most important feature of the face, and the most important point of communication between humans.

The plastic surgeon should be very careful to carefully assess both the aesthetic and functional aspects of a nose before operating. Most of the time, we can achieve excellent cosmetic changes and preserve the function of breathing. On some occasions, we found significant deviations of the nasal septum, which is the central structure that divides the nose, which may cause an alteration in breathing, with obstruction of one side. In these cases often we need the assistance of the otolaryngologist, who assumes responsibility for correcting the deviation, while we do the work aesthetically.

This surgery is usually a short stay one. The patient enters the hospital in the morning and once prepared the necessary, moved to the operating room in a few minutes, It is performed under general anesthesia with a duration of 1:30 pm, or 1:45 hours maximum.

Same day, at 5 pm, patient is discharged home, except when the surgery is started later, or when the patient lives outside of Tijuana. Please, click To my Patients who live Outside Tijuana.

Many patients come from USA, and my routine is to leave them at the hospital the night of the nose operation to be discharged the next day, for their safety and comfort. This is was is now considered “Medical Tourism”

I present below some important pointers for before and after cosmetic surgery of the nose:


Do not take aspirin, or derivatives of aspirin 2 to 3 weeks before. Click Non-Recommended Medicines for more information. Wash your face very well once a day for three consecutive days before operation, with Isodine foam. Wash your face and ears very well once a day for three consecutive days before operation, with Isodine or Lever 2000 liquid soap foam. Do not drink any water; much less eat lunch or snacks from 12 pm the night before surgery.

Take only your clothes more necessary (change only), and comfortable shoes. If you get cold, sore throat or pimples inside the nose, call the office.

If you have any questions, call us within office hours is from 9am-6pm, by telephone: (664) 684-25-51. We work Monday through Friday.


Go straight home and stay in your bedroom for 24 to 48 hours, bathroom privileges and the three meals with assistance. The first nights you can drink sips fluids, and gradually increase until soft diet. If you don’t have nausea, you may eat normally.

Avoid the sun, hot meals, hot baths and hot environment for a week. You will need only rest and sleep on your back, and never sideways.

You’ll notice that when discharged, your nose will be covered with an adhesive splint, and a metal one (aluminum), which will maintain the shape of your recently operated nose.

Avoid warm environments for a week. Keep the “mustache” gauze dry. The aluminum splint will be in place for a week. Do not blow your nose until indicated, do not expose yourself to blows, even slight in degree. Do not pick your nose. When you sneeze, put a finger into your mouth, and sneeze with your mouth open. Take your medicine as indicated upon leaving the Hospital. You cannot drink alcohol during treatment. Change the “mustache” gauze as often as necessary, and keep your nose and nostrils clean with warm water or hydrogen peroxide, especially when a small cut the width of your nostrils is made. Usually patients do not complain of any pain, but if it did, taking your painkiller as indicated. You can have a normal shower until I remove the aluminum splint. Before that, you can have sponge baths, or get you into the shower dodging water on the head.

The first appointment after your surgery, it will be within 4 days. In this, I will change the aluminum splint and micropore tape to hold the shape of your recently operated nose. There is usually no pain. Subsequently, the next appointment will be at 10 days, to remove the aluminum splint permanently, and leave for a few days a skin tone micropore layer, covering your nose to avoid inflammation.

After these days, I will schedule you a few days later to remove everything and leave your nose dressings-free. Usually this day is the most emotional because the person looks in the mirror and shouts at the aesthetic change in his/her nose. In fact, the changes that occur from these days to 6 months, are minimal, but at the end of 6 months, we can say we have reached the final result.

Henceforth, appointments are spaced further and further, to become every 3 months, 6, and a year. However it is very important that you keep your appointments to give you more information and tips on how to improve your results.

To see some of this surgery cases operated on, click Photo Gallery.

Any doubts about this surgery, please call the office, 684-2551  (US: 619-730-1917) or my cell 664-283-0976. We wish you a speedy recovery and an excellent experience with your esthetic lid surgery, send an email or click Contact us for more information

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