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This page should be the initial and most important text in a Plastic surgeon’s Web Page, if not the most consulted by patients.

This issue of scars and wounds is one of the most intriguing things to humans when we talk about plastic surgery.

The fact that this section is in the Reconstructive Surgery section is because patients often come to us having been already operated by emergency physicians in hospitals, or other colleagues, and who wish to improve the quality of heir scars.

There are many taboos, misconceptions, beliefs and fallacies in this topic. Please click Myths and Realities to read more about this subject.


Let me tell you a crucial truth: every wound, every incision, is equal to a scar.

It looks like a child thing, but let me tell you that there are people who think that a wound can be “erased” by the plastic surgeon, or may disappear with time.

Unfortunately is not true.

No scar can disappear. But the good news is that, when choosing a board certified plastic surgeon, and surgery is indicated, the patient being in good health, good healing could be anticipated. And to prevent infection and deformity, after a careful operation performed according to standard plastic surgery principles, and following doctor’s orders, most scars can seem imperceptible to the human eye, even when looked at closely. You can check Photo Gallery to see some of these cases.

Most of the emergency wounds caused by accidents of all kinds, are usually treated in the operating room while the patient is hospitalized. In some cases, these are serious injuries that require attention of several specialists as for lesions treated anywhere in the body. ClickMaxillofacial Surgery to learn more about this. In such cases, we are called by relatives or by other specialists, to close a wound with plastic criterion.

Others are simpler, and come to the office for treatment.

The plastic surgeon possesses a treasure that can benefit you in a situation like this: his creativity and ability to use his experience to camouflage a scar so it will be almost imperceptible. Click Plastic Surgery as Art.

     The wounds that have healed in a way that present deformity and require a secondary revision, even if they are minute, can cause serious psychological problems and low self-esteem in patients.

These cases may come to office for an improvement. Sometimes, as I said, they are looking for the miracle of getting vanished their scar. In these cases, it is my custom to be clear and express what I believe in my opinion may or may not improve.

We call correction of scars “wound revisions. This I do in the office under local anesthesia in adults. In children, I do revisions under general anesthesia, and in a hospital

Depending on size, and location of the scar, which is usually on the face, the most visible asset of the human being, I choose the correct technique.

There are wounds that will not only require correction in the skin surface, but an exploration of elements below it, which may be cut, such as tendons, nerves, bones, etc.. (Click Hand Surgery), in which case it is more important to fix what is beneath the skin.

Burns leave large, broad, irregular scars, and impede the proper function to limit movement of the affected parties. They challenge the physician’s art and creativity and inspire us to use microsurgery, tissue expanders, flaps, grafts, and many more possibilities.

Next, I present recommendations for before and after your scar revision.


Do not take aspirin or aspirin products for 2 to 3 weeks; please, click Non-recommended Medicines for more details. Wash your body part that is going to be operated very well once a day for three consecutive days before operation, with Isodine (Betadine in the US) foam.

Do not drink any water let alone eat meals or snacks from 12 midnight the night before surgery. Do not wear makeup the day of surgery, or nail polish, false eyelashes and earrings, necklaces, rings, etc.. Wear easy clothes and comfortable shoes. If you get a common cold, call the office before.

If you have any questions, call us within office hours is from 10am-8pm, at Tel: (664) 684-25-51.  Or US: 619-730-1917. We work from Monday through Friday.


Go straight home and stay in bed for 24 to 48 hours. You can get up to the bathroom and three meals. If you have no discomfort or nausea, you can eat normally.

Avoid the sun, hot meals, hot baths or hot environments to be close for a week.

Put crushed ice into a bag and wear them in operated areas 15 minutes every 4 hours. Usually patients do not complain of any pain, but if it happens, take your pain medication as indicated. You can have a shower as normal until I indicate you over the phone.

Do not expose yourself to blows, however slight in degree. Take your medicine as you were instructed. You cannot drink alcohol during this treatment. Typically you are asked to come back to the office by the 6th and 15th days and thereafter every 15 to 30 days.

In cases of skin tumors, is my custom to see you then every 6 months for several years to be sure that the tumor had no recurrence.

Any questions or emergency, let me know as soon as possible, day or night, at the above telephone or my cell 044-664 – 283-0976 and we will assist you.

To see some pictures of these surgeries, please click Photo Gallery

Any doubts about this surgery, please call the office, 684-2551  (US: 619-730-1917) or my cell 664-283-0976. We wish you a speedy recovery and an excellent experience with your esthetic lid surgery, send an email or click Contact us for more information